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March 24th I left for Japan,

I am still there but finally got off my lazy bum to look at what has been going on on this site.
So... How's everyone been?

... I need to learn how to draw again.
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Paypal: kurai_kaze_kitsune(a)
To anyone who is part of FurAffinity the hands of the websites ownership has changed.  Because of this how I upload things on this and all of my other websites will be changing.
(Am still new to DA so technically how I handle things here probably won't change lol.)

All that is changing is what I will upload here will probably be strictly here.  Such as Pokemon art or any form of fan art.  I will be updating my Watermark to be stating this as the main location if its location gets mixed up, its probably because I spaced and grabbed the wrong one when finishing my image. There will be unique art on my other accounts such as my Weasyl and Furaffinity account.  
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Hello! I'm Manilla Kurai Vanilla, you can call me Manilla or Kurai (kurai is most common)

I used to have a Deviant art Account known as Kuraikazekitsune.

I'm a returning artist to Deviant art, while I disagree with much of the changes, I have rediscovered their "newest" function that actually ALLOWS new artists to be found. During the newest update I had spent well over 20 minutes trying to navigate their new pages and layouts but failed to discovered it. Thus I held absolute disgust and left Deviant art believing they gave up completely on those trying to learn and be discovered despite the creators view of "True art" or rather "Good art" (lol copy paste.)

I will probably be uploading a few things every now and then that I have drawn in the past to get the hang of things.  I will probably draw more personal images + fan related images on this account or anything that is actually relevant to DA, in the mean time.  Listing contact information because.. Why not!

I don't draw free art unless I feel like it.  So don't pester me with requests unless I specifically state "I'm open for requests" in a journal.  Though I do occasionally do raffles.

So I've been trying to Prepare for the Convention I am going to in May known as Furlandia.
So am getting all of my contact information all ready for my Business cards that I will be making.

Because of this I have changed a few things.  Others, not so much but is still good to list.

My Weasyl has not changed, nor do I plan for it to. (I miiiight update a few things on it though)

My furaffinity is the center of my Activity, I am a furry artist thus I hang out around there more often then not. xD

Commission website
I have UPDATED it.  I now have creatures listed too! Cause my name is supposed to indicate that i have critters.  (Though am terrible and lazy and rarely mention any of them aside from my Trynorks ;^; )

I've changed my contact e-mail to Kuraiscreatures(c)
I wanted to make it pretty consistent.

Has not changes is still: Kurai_kaze_kitsune(c)

Bahaha Yes, I have one but rarely say anything on it. >:V No twitter app will ever be on my phone no matter how much it shouts at me. (lol)

I may get more things like a Patreon (maybe), or actually figure out what happened to my old tumbler (at least I think I made one..)
But we will see. xD